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We seek to deliver consistent perfection and quality in the realm of all our shopping centre developments.

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Build Or Extend A Shopping Centre

Enhance Your Financial Returns

Let us help you to design your shopping centre to achieve and enhance your financial returns. 

When your business and your reputation relies on timely delivery of your building project you can rely on us to deliver on time, every time, exactly as promised.

And always bear in mind that we fully realize that quality will remain long after the price is forgotten; and that we'll always put you first by providing superior service at a fair price for a fair profit.

As the famous economist John Ruskin once said, "Good things are seldom cheap, and cheap things are seldom good. The common law of business balance prevents you from paying a little and getting a lot." In other words, it's just a fact, you get what you pay for!

For example, we've seen many people contract for a building with someone because they're so cheap. But then they end up paying for all sorts of bits and pieces, which drives the cost up considerably. And sometimes, even after spending that extra money, the building still ends up not being totally suitable. So they spend much more on wasted energy over the next 5-10-or even 20 years than they saved in the first place.

One should always try to establish exactly why prices vary so much. If you're looking for, say, a 40M x 60M building, you're going to get quotes ranging from R480,000 to maybe as high as R880,000. That's a huge difference! That amount of variance is in all probability only because you're not actually comparing apples-to-apples. It's sort of like saying, "How much is a truck?" Well, what kind of truck? New or used? Big or small? Or it's like looking at a picture in a computer catalogue and asking, "how much is that one?" You need to know the chip speed, RAM and ROM memory and a whole bunch of other stuff to make sure you're your getting a fair price. We hope you get the point: you need to get a valid comparison. After you've done your comparisons, you'll find that in most cases the prices will actually be very close. Competition -- in building as in everything else -- drives the quality UP and the prices DOWN. The key is to get a level playing field to insure you're making a true comparison.

 Shopping Centre Building Entrance

Our aim is to find solutions which create value for each of our shopping centre customers.

And one of the first things we like to advise our customers is to be well aware of the fact that destination shopping and value marts are popular trends in retail development today. Retail development in rural towns is also on the increase, as well as projects in previously disadvantaged areas (these continue to be met with mixed reactions, but there is a strong need for convenience shopping centres in these nodes).

Even the very best shopping centre plans begins on paper.

Small Shopping Centre Building Perspective

We don't  believe in simply building from the ground up. Rather, we endeavour to partner our clients through every stage of the their shopping centre development. Beginning at: well, the beginning. The drawing board - by providing architectural drawings and plans of the shopping centre: often perspective sketches (like on left) are produced to assist in visualising the project.

Most important is the recognition that the traditional retail patterns are changing. Consumers are demanding a better shopping experience that offers entertainment and social activity as an integral component of large shopping malls.

Probably the best example one could find anywhere is the famous 420 000 m2 Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. Not only does this mega mall offer 400 specialty and anchor stores, but it is constructed around four distinctive street themes surrounding a seven-acre theme park called Knott's Camp Snoopy. Additional entertainment can be found in the Lego Imagination Centre, Golf Mountain 18-hole miniature golf course or the Under-Water World.

And in South Africa, Cape Town's V&A Waterfront is one of the city's most popular international tourist attractions. Inner city urban decay prompted Durban's eThekweni Municipality and private-sector partners to put plans in place for urban renewal and the refreshing of the city's tourism and leisure attractions at three strategic locations. These three are the existing International Convention Centre (ICC) in the west, the uShaka Marine Park in the Point area to the south and the SunCoast Casino and Entertainment World on the northern end of the beachfront. These three points have been referred to as "the Golden Triangle" - a term derived from the famous Golden Mile Beachfront area, which holds about 70% of Durban's hotel beds.

The Casino and Entertainment World contains amongst other things, a 7.000m2 casino, assorted restaurants and fast food outlets, parking for 2.400 cars, eight cinemas, conference facilities and retail facilities.

When we build for you, we will ensure the following:

Competitive Prices

We strive to bring you the best value for your Rand. Our production capacity, enhanced with state-of-the-art engineering enables us to offer amongst the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Quick Quotations

Quotations are priced upon receipt and submitted back to customers as fast as humanly possible.

Fast Delivery

We will meet the deadlines set come hell or high-water. 

Superior Service

Our staff is available to address your needs from the moment an order is placed with us until the successful erection of your building is complete.

Quality Materials

We endeavour to ensure that all material used is of the highest quality. 

Building With 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Only once in a long, long while will you find as much support as we offer. If you've been wading through hundreds of newspapers looking at your various options to develop a shopping centre and simply getting nowhere, why not give us a try.

You may just experience enormous benefits.

Building With NHBRC Protection

Building With MBA Protection

And while we actually don't deal in land, you could do well in contacting us if you should have some land for sale - we may just have a prospective client looking for land.

Our expert advice is only a phone call, fax or e-mail away -

Tel: (011) 453 4401           Cell: 084 303 8179            Fax: 086 640 4667



Do you own a piece of land, would like to develop it, but don't have the funds or expertise? Click here to learn about our Joint Property Development Scheme.

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