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We offer a super service in factory building that gives you great value for money in the Gauteng area.

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Build Or Extend A Factory


  • A quotation that is accurate, and

  • starting and completion dates that are met.

And our expertise will help you keep your building project/s moving to tight deadlines.



Below are the aspects relating to factory building that this page covers:

Designing And Building Your Factory

What Makes Our Factory Buildings So Unique?

D.I.Y Factory Building Kits

Buildings In A Box System Kits

Designing And Building Your Factory

We design new factory structures and the modification of existing structures (and turnkey projects) for any application to the requirement of our customers, using internal expertise, structural, mechanical and civil design consultants.  

Working closely with Architects and Engineers we provide you with the best possible advice for a full and comprehensive service from design to completion of your factory building project. No matter what type of building you’re looking for - large, small or anything in between - we can offer you a host of benefits you won’t find anywhere else. And we'll also ensure that you're satisfied with your building experience.

Our expertise extends to commercial and industrial buildings, warehouse buildings, horse barns, church buildings, storage buildings, farm buildings, and more. Our pre-engineered industrial I-beam buildings are the most superior prefabricated steel buildings in design, quality and durability, and they're perfect for a wide variety of applications.

We have extensive experience in: 

Factories                                               Warehouses

Hangers          Shopping Centres       Townhouses

     Office Blocks









Our expertise extends to commercial, industrial, government and institutional buildings, and includes such well known companies as: 

  • De Beers Consolidated Mines (Industrial Diamond Division)

  • First National Bank

  • ABSA (UBS)

  • Pick 'n Pay

  • Standard Bank

  • Valeur

  • United Cricket Board

  • Seeff Property Group 

  • To name but a few.



















The world-wide major trend in present-day factory construction continues away from handcrafting at the building site towards on-site assembly of ever larger, more integrated components manufactured away from the site. Another characteristic of contemporary building, related to this trend, is the greater amount of dimensional coordination; that is, buildings are designed and components manufactured in multiples of a standard module, which drastically reduces the amount of cutting and fitting required on the factory building site.

This does not mean that structural specifications suffer in any way - it simply has the effect of containing your factory building costs, which we can then pass onto YOU, the customer.

Normally, standard module sizes are:

  • 6m span x 3m high column x any multiple of 5m       (10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, etc)

  • 9m span x 3m high column x any multiple of 5m       

BUT, we only start at 12m span together with a length of at least 20m

  • 12m span x 3,6m high column x any multiple of 5m   

  • 15m span x 4m high column x any multiple of 5m      

  • 18m span x 4m high column x any multiple of 5m      

  • 20m span x 4-6m high column x any multiple of 5m      

  • 25m span x 6m high column x any multiple of 5m

  • 30m span x 6-8m high column x any multiple of 5m

What Makes Our Factory Buildings So Unique? - Go To Top Image

  • All factory building projects are custom made allowing the best quality control at all levels of the job. And the buildings are developed and designed locally, hence they're tailor-made for African environmental conditions. 

  • Our factory building packages are all precut and predrilled - ready to be erected. This ease of erection results in enormous savings in on-site factory construction time. For instance, no welding on site will be needed.

  • Our prefabricated buildings are not only easy to assembly, but are designed to give you years of maintenance free service at the most affordable price. 

  • All our factory buildings are manufactured according to Engineers specifications using only A-Grade materials and only the finest steel, bearing the approval of the South African Bureau of Standards and meeting the Bureau's exacting demands, is used. 


  • Our quality assurance program ranks with the best in the country and means your factory building meets the highest standards.

  • 100% usable interior space with no floor or ceiling obstructions.

  • Sleek contemporary appearance. Easy interior to finish or insulate.

D.I.Y Factory Building Kits - Go To Top Image

The ease of erection of our portal frame steel structures makes it possible for you to purchase your factory in D.I.Y kit form and erect it yourself. A variety of commercial operations can take advantage of these D.I.Y steel building kits as the structures can be pre-configured to be appropriate for your special uses. Great care must however be taken to ensure that we understand your requirements so that we can supply the right structure and accessories for the purpose intended. Our D.I.Y factory building kits have been developed to provide you with rapid deliveries at the most competitive pricing possible. This service is available throughout Africa via our Buildings In A Box System.

You can of course construct your end walls using steel or brick construction; frame in doors and windows as necessary and get any finished look to suit your taste. You can also use conventional insulation methods to insulate the building for heating and cooling efficiency.

Every D.I.Y building is made at our state-of-the-art factory – so you enjoy factory-direct savings. Dealing directly with the factory saves you time and money, and ensures that you get the lowest price available anywhere. 

Buildings In A Box System Kits - Go To Top Image

Our export buildings are individually containerized for delivery to any building site on earth. Each shipping container has all of the material needed to assemble the building in the field. A building can be erected quickly upon delivery provided that a foundation is already in place and the necessary utility services set up onsite (when applicable). 

The unique modular structure also allows for rapid development and cost-effective expansion.

Your steel erection crew will need to have appropriate tools available to complete the building assembly (but, it's not much - take a look at right!). If needed, we can even provide the necessary tools in the shipping container.

Our standard structures are supplied with 0,5 Full Hard Galvanised IBR Roof sheeting and all fasteners, including foundation bolts.

And includes all the instructions needed for easy, simple, and fast erection.


These kits are suitable for:















  • All farming requirements from simple storage to house farm implements, hay, grain, poultry, livestock or other agricultural products to animal feeding and breeding buildings, like poultry housing
    - Broiler, breeder, laying and rearing houses
    Commercial laying houses and pullet rearing
    - Egg packing stations, hatcheries and bio-security facilities.

  • Food processing factories

  • Meat packing plants

  • Diesel workshops

  • Boat lockers

  • Essential oils distillation plants

  • Various small manufacturing operations

  • A precision engineering workshop

  • Farm sheds

  • Live chicken retail outlets

  • Warehousing

  • Church halls

  • Shops

  • Large Carports

  • Indoor Swimming Pools

  • Conference Halls

  • Studios

  • Fitness Centres

  • Retail Showrooms

  • Automobile Dealerships

  • Garages (service facilities for trucks and other vehicles)

  • Trade Shops

  • Industrial Shops

  • Convenience Stores

  • Small aircraft hangars

  • Boat building or storage sheds, farm sheds, and any other kind of storage

















Please take some advice from us on the point of D.I.Y kits. Don't just focus on price: focus on cost (see also Build, Extend or Renovate A Shopping Centre). 

If the first question you're asking is "how much is it?" you may be guilty of focusing on the price instead of the cost. Depending on how you want to use your building, the cheapest purchase price may not be the cheapest overall cost. (Price and cost are distinctly different!)

There are a wide variety of additional extras available to compliment our buildings: 

  • Alu-cushion Insulation under Roof Sheeting  

  • Chromadek sheeting

  • Side cladding

  • Ventilation

  • Sliding Doors

  • Roller Shutter Doors

  • Personnel Doors

  • Windows

  • Bull-noses

  • Gable Cladding

  • Clear polycarbonate sheeting

  • Apart from being able to house overhead cranes the buildings can be designed to provide additional support for the crane structure. We can also provide the additional steel for any building utilizing overhead cranes.







If you wish to become more acquainted with factories and steel buildings; go to our website:

It's very comprehensive.


Below is a sketch plan showing the various bits and pieces in a typical small industrial factory: as well as a 3D drawing of a larger building.










If you wish to work out some bond repayment figures you can do so on our calculator page. This will help you decide whether it would not perhaps be an option to build your own factory. To go to the calculator simply click on Loan Calculator link under the flag at the top of the page.

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Only once in a long, long while will you find as much support as we offer. If you've been wading through hundreds of newspapers looking at your various options to develop a shopping centre and simply getting nowhere, why not give us a try.

You may just experience enormous benefits.

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And while we actually don't deal in land, you could do well in contacting us if you should have some land for sale - we may just have a prospective client looking for land.

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