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Avoid All The Hassles Associated With Building: Experience All Your Gauteng Building Solutions In One Place: We offer you the best and most cost effective solutions for all your building needs.

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Build your private home or industrial development beautifully, with full "at ease" confidence that it will be done:

  • professionally, 

  • exactly as YOU want it done, 

  • comfortably within budget, and 

  • always on time.

Welcome to and thank you for visiting our Web site. The various companies represented by this website have been designing and building for people from all walks of life since 1973; and will develop the best possible individual solution for your building project/s. 

If you are contemplating building a new house, some townhouses, a factory, an office block or a shopping centre or re-modeling and extending an old one, we can be of considerable help in making it a pleasant experience. 

Our focus is the provision of a total building service to you from inception to successful completion of your building project. Whether you want to build, renovate or extend - you can do it all right here - in one place - and you can:

Save Yourself Time, Money, and Energy.

Building becomes a joy as you create the home or building of your dreams. With our diverse building experience base we are able to deliver top class products whilst doing turnkey projects, cluster homes, townhouses, office blocks, factories, shopping centres and houses, and you will:

Save Yourself Countless Hours of Needless Hassle, Worry, and Unexpected Expenses That Inexperienced or Careless Contractors Can Easily Create With Your Building Project.

While our years of experience and expertise means that we can tackle even the largest building contracts with complete confidence, we are also equally adept at handling the smallest building jobs. But no matter how big or small your building project, you can rest assured that it will be completed on time and within budget and to your total satisfaction. We mean it when we say we deliver:

On Time, Every Time, Exactly As Promised. - Shopping Centre

History shows that property  increases steadily in value over the years. In fact, property is one of the pillars of a solid investment portfolio. And by investing in property you're also adding a substantial element to your retirement portfolio.

Not only that, but property is an asset, which looks pretty good on your balance sheet and steadily increases in value year after year. If you take a look at the section 'Finance All Your Needs' you'll get some good tips on raising finance. There is also a separate 'Calculator Page' - you can use this calculator to work out how much bond finance you could service with your current monthly rental payments. Perhaps you could afford an equivalent property that you own; and consequently score the capital growth on each year. To go to the calculator click on Loan Calculator link under the flag at the top of the page. 

On our pages 'About Home Loans' and 'About CGT  & Moving Tips' you'll find links to pages with many different calculators to help you in your decision making. Our About Home Loans page also features a calculator that helps you work out your savings by paying a little bit extra on your mortgage loan each month - you can save plenty by taking a look at this page - it is one big eye-opener. You'll also find some useful tips on the steps involved during the transfer and bond registration process as well as some useful information on Capital Gains Tax (CGT). But most of all, the information and links will help you take an informed financial option that will:

Save You Some Money (Both Long And Short Term).

Under the section 'Build Or Extend An Office Block' you will find some interesting calculations with reference to owning or renting your office space. It's quite an eye-opener.

'Build Your Dream Home' contains some very, very useful design and layout tips to save money and produce an aesthetically pleasing product, which would obviously also apply to anyone 'Building Some Townhouses'.

Trust our fruitful years of positive construction experience and craftsman expertise to confidently guide your specific building project smoothly to sure success. Phone us, and get: 

A FREE smile, FREE advice, as well as a FREE quotation. - Satisfaction Gte

Only once in a long, long while will you find as much support as we offer. If you've been wading through hundreds of newspapers looking at your various options and simply getting nowhere, why not give us a try.

Members of:

National Home Builder’s Registration Council

The Gauteng Master Builders’ Association

You may just experience enormous benefits.

If you need any information, please feel free to contact us at any time.

And while we actually don't deal in land, you could do well in contacting us if you should have some land for sale - we may just have a prospective client looking for land. - NHBRC - MBA

Our expert advice is only a phone call, fax or e-mail away

Tel: (011) 453 4401             Cell: 084 303 8179            Fax: 086 640 4667



Do you own a piece of land, would like to develop it, but don't have the funds or expertise? Click here to learn about our Joint Property Development Scheme.

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